Monday, March 23, 2009


I just wonder, is there any point to continue racking my brain so hard at work with the impending threat of VSS? Everything is so up in the air now, we are all just biding our time for 3 more months to find out our fate. Can a company who is headed in the direction of manufacturing chips for the automotive industry survive the current economic depression which has resulted in millions of people in the world getting laid off and stripped us of our buying power? How long will it be before the economy starts to pick up again; for the automotive industry, another 2 - 3 years? (Best case, in my opinion)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recently the newspapers are full of news on our politicians. Endless scandals about sex videotapes keep surfacing and RE-surfacing. Despite PKR's success in denying BN 2/3 majority in the last elections, they seem to be falling apart at the seams. More politicians keep defecting to the ruling party and the hope that was so resurgent in all of us is fading away.

When I was young, I never thought much about politics or what our country's leaders are doing for us. Most of my childhood was under the Mahathir era, and admittedly, despite his autocratic way of ruling, he managed to keep a lot of things under wraps. Going to school, I studied under the government's approved syllabus, never questioning the things that were taught and how I would (or wouldn't) be able to apply them in my future career and life. 

Looking back, I can't believe the things that we had to go through in school. Subjects like world history were centered on the rise of Islam civilization. All throughout form 1 to form 3, I had to learn a subject called Kemahiran Hidup and being in a girls' school, had to take an elective which taught us the right way to sweep the floor, darn our socks and repair a broken toilet. Moral studies which should yield subjective thinking was graded like math or physics where 1 + 1 = 2. No creativity was encouraged at all, in fact any innovative or creative thought in the students were quashed by the impossibly rigid marking system.

After working a few years, the political situation in our country started to dawn on me. I always knew the government treated the non-Malays unfairly. But the devastatingly high level of corruption which I never knew about was being slowly revealed through a new media which was beyond the government control (unlike tv and radio and newspapers), the Internet.

Stories of our current deputy prime minister being involved in a coverup of the murder of a Mongolian model, among others, were leaked. Of course, the guy was never persecuted, that would be unimaginable. Statements given by private investigators were hastily retracted the day after they were issued.. As if there had been threats to these people's lives. People who wanted to reveal the truth.

Well, never mind this, these are all just rumors anyway, nothing can be proven, especially with a police force as corrupt as ours. But what about the way our government is being run? Inflation rates spiralling uncontrollably, bans on yoga as an exercise because of Hindu influences, raising of toll prices one day and then dropping them back to its original price the next? What kind of government says one thing one day, and then the next day says another whole damn thing? What kind of government would rather discuss laws to ban certain exercises instead of focusing on our economy and the increasing number of people who are out of their jobs or may be losing their jobs in the coming year? And not to mention all the sex scandals sprouting like mushrooms among politicians. No matter whether they're from the opposition or the ruling party, the main point is that they're all focusing on these issues (which should be private from the start) instead of doing something for the country.

Since Barack Obama came into power, I've been seeing him on CNN almost everyday discussing their economy stimulus budget, engaging in respectful and structured discussions among opposition members and democrats alike in their parliament. What has our "revered" prime minister been doing? I've never seen him on TV except when he's visiting some of the citizens during Hari Raya. Or when some pictures of him sleeping while parliament is in session are caught and put on the Internet of course. How could I forget that, silly me. And the recent "attack" on Karpal Singh when he was denied entry into parliament?? How ridiculous is that, our ruling party members acting like samseng gangsters, threatening old men in wheelchairs. 

What is this country coming to? How can I possibly raise my child in this kind of place. I really wonder...

Friday, August 29, 2008

political strife in my home country

Few days ago, Anwar Ibrahim, our ex DPM contested in the Permatang Pauh by-election. Needless to say he won, and won big. I'd never been inclined to know much about politics before, but I believe everyone in this country can sense that our country is as unstable as its ever been in the last few decades.. especially when it was under the Mahathir autocratic (although preached democratic) rule.

Being deprived of a reliable source of information from our official and government controlled newspapers, there was never much transparency for Malaysians. But now, our internet driven community has easy access to any information through the world wide web. This boom in the communication and information technology fields was in fact encouraged and given priority by our previous PM.. so how ironic is it that now it's come back to bite the ruling coalition in their ass!!! LoL..

What goes around comes around.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Building a Family

Today I went out with an old uni-mate, Erin. Been maybe half a year since I last saw her, and naturally, one of our topics of conversation fell to when I'm gonna have kids (again! yes, lots of people have asked that same question too). Ya, I know I'm one of the very very minority in today's generation of youths who got married a wee bit too early (at the age of 24 *gasp*) but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm ready to heat up my oven and pop one out anytime soon! I mean, sure kids are cute when they're like 1 to 3 years old? But everytime I go out and see parents having to deal with difficult kids who don't wanna go home from the shopping complex or who's wailing their heads off so their parents will buy them another useless toy, I can't help but think, is it worth it to subject myself to this kind of life for the remainder of my life..

Although I'm only 26, my mom's been hinting already that I should start "trying". Y'know, time to start a prototype *egad*. Sure I know lots of people have said that having kids make your life more fulfilling somehow, to be the person responsible for your offspring's upbringing, but imagine how much of my own time I'd need to sacrifice for a baby. Everything me and hubby do would be centered around this kid and we're just not ready to do that :)

I guess everything has its pros and cons, no? But would anybody want to bring a child into this world if he or she wasn't ready to give all her attention and love to it? Well, I'm sure that I don't want to be a parent who gives birth to a child when I'm not ready to give my all. Anyway, the time will come when a lil counter terrorist will be running around my house, just not.. right.. now..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tikus / Vege / KNS

My poor friends Applejul and Janice were complaining about tikus / vege / kns again just now. Seems like all I hear from them these days is about how brainless he is, how annoying he is, how bossy he is. I'm just so glad that I can just listen in perfect calm and not be the least hot or bothered about him, haha. Coz he ain't my problem no more!

Just see how many nicknames he's collected and anyone would know that he's the type of guy who just can't help stepping on people's toes left, right and center. Which is why I'm so thankful that I'm not working for him anymore *praise the Lord* haha.

Anyway, I think it's pretty unfair that this company rewards people based on their seniority and loyalty. I mean, a manager like this can seriously do more damage than good to any team's morale, spirit and productivity.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from Bangkok

Today is the first day back at work. 10:13am, and I'm still not in the mood for work :P It's hard lar to get back into a working mood when I've just been on a super enjoyable holiday. From Bangkok temples to carbaret shows to frenzied bargaining in night markets, the whole holiday has been like a whirlwind of fun for me.

Some highlights of my trip are tasting the yummy spicy food in Thailand, seeing some really cool kinky costumes (and buying 2, hehe), going to see really pretty girls (boys?) dancing and lip syncing on a pretty stage, having my joints cracked at the Thai massage centres and skinny dipping at midnight in the hotel pool (haha, my first time).

Some downsides though, we didn't get to go experience the night life in Thailand, and there were plenty of other activities that we missed out on like bungy jumping (yea, I was hoping to try that out), and spending 80 bucks at a shooting range for a lousy 10 bullets ( I didn't shoot the gun, hubby did). And getting conned to watch a lousy tiger show for 130 bucks. Yucks, the girls were really fat and ugly too. And most were not even girls.

But now I'm back, I'm one kg heavier (sigh) and I have to go back to figuring out what the hell is wrong with my program! argh. Well, I think I can afford to relax for the morning at least :P

Monday, April 14, 2008

random thoughts

Today I was surfing around at the usual blogs that I visit, and coming across JenJen's blog, I saw that my pathetic blog was actually one of the blogs that she links to.. imagine that..hehe.. And I felt that I just had to post something, if only out of a sense of obligation. So, anyway, my pathetic blog must be a living testament of how I'm not exactly the type of person who reports on what I do every single minute on my blog :) no offense to those who do.

But anyway, I think I did do something pretty cool last weekend. I went and killed Colonel Kurzen, me who was just a level 36, managed to kill a level 40 Colonel Kurzen. And he had stealth too, so he could creep around and suddenly disappear when I'm just about to almost kill him. Plus, he had 2 huge konco-konco with him in the cave! Cool huh, I used my magic powers and turned them into sheep one by one, then killed them all with my super frostbolt powers! Muahahaha, ok lar, of course with help from my super macho hubbie who happens to be a paladin.. But the coolest thing is, the idea to sheep those S.O.B.s was actually mine. haha.. and I'm a noob too! :D Ok lar, enough bragging, anyway, only WOW players would know what I'm talking about. hehe..

Other than that, it was a pretty boring weekend for me. I did think of going to one of mfg's parties again, but they said it started at 3pm, and the thought of dousing my arteries with alcohol that early in the day wasn't exactly appealing. Especially since I had to come to work today..

Sigh, JuJu is still in her training. Feel a bit bored without her, but it's ok, coz we're so gonna sweat our fat asses (oh, my fat ass lar, JuJu's got a nice small ass) tomorrow at aerobics. haha.. ok, enough of random thoughts, signing off til my next pathetic post..